Ripples Media is a community for content creators like you.

Most people have great ideas to share. We believe there is a better way to get them into the world.

After experiencing the challenges of trying to publish a book through a traditional publisher firsthand, we decided there had to be a better way.

Ripples Media helps people with ideas turn them into books and provides the support that gives them a better chance for their voice to be heard.

Getting the book written is the first step. Because writing can be solitary, we act as a vibrant, diverse, inclusive community of content creators. We help our authors craft and grow their brand. And we stay alongside to help you get your book swiftly into the hands of meaningful audiences.

Our Books

The 5-Day Turnaround

Strategically embrace a startup mentality to create transformative growth for your company.

The Crisis Turnaround

Learn how to not only survive during a crisis, but thrive in the midst of any challenge.

What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?

Through stories and simple action steps, learn useful ways to become a better professional and a better human.

6 Ps of Essential Innovation

Understand the innovation shortcomings endemic in many corporate cultures and how to become a resilient, innovative organization.

The Great Team Turnaround

Gain PVTV insights and tools that connect with the concepts and resources from The Great Game of Business.

Living on a Smile

Learn how to generate an outsized positive impact on others, your company and your community.


As human life converges at the intersection of people, business and environment, leaders have two choices: commit to profits above all else or embrace a human-centric approach.

Our Authors

Adam Albrecht

Alex Gonzalez

Jo Ann Herold

Jeff Hilimire

Michael McCathren

Deborah Westphal

Why We’re Different

We are a singular partner for all the writing, editing, publishing, and marketing support you need to make the most of your monumental achievement.

Our purpose is to open pathways between authors and audiences so voices, ideas, and thoughts get into the world and spread. You control your work. Ripples Media will provide the full-scope support you need.



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Most people have great ideas to share.
We believe there is a better way to get them into the world.