The Culture Turnaround


By Jeff Hilimire and Adam Albrecht
9 proven ways to create an undeniable culture

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Culture is routinely cited as one of the main reasons for organizational success. But within a company, what does a strong culture look like? What steps are needed to build trust and motivation within your team? 

By the time you finish reading The Culture Turnaround, you’ll be equipped with:

– 9 proven ways to create an undeniable culture
– Sustainable processes to bring them to life in your organization’s day-to-day operations
– Straightforward metrics to measure how your team’s unity and purpose affect revenue, profit and growth

In The Culture Turnaround, Jeff Hilimire and Adam Albrecht use their 20+ years of entrepreneurial success and shares how one of the most critical keys to building fast-growing teams is an undeniable culture. Hilimire shares how a company’s PVTV, detailed in The Great Team Turnaround, the third book in the Turnaround Leadership Series, is central to a cohesive and unified organization. Once a shared purpose and vision is in place, teams are put in the greatest position to succeed. 

Told through the eyes of Will, a young entrepreneur running a startup marketing agency, Hilimire and Albrecht takes readers on a journey as Will searches for ways to strengthen his company culture and jumpstart growth in the face of numerous obstacles.  

Whether you’re the CEO of a global enterprise, a team leader at a mid-sized company, or the Executive Director of a local non-profit, the lessons and processes from this book will help you build an undeniable culture that will unlock your team’s growth and productivity. 


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