At Ripples Media, our Purpose is to fill the world with authentic and powerful stories to inspire positive change.

At Ripples Media, our Purpose is to fill the world with authentic and powerful stories to inspire positive change.

We are a community-driven book publisher, working with amazing business leaders to help them tell their unique story to the world.

Great leaders have unique perspectives to share. But traditional publishers are often too slow, too rigid, and too impersonal. We knew there must be a better way.

Ripples Media provides leaders, from startup founders to CMOs to non-profit directors, with an opportunity for their voice to be heard. We work closely with each author to make publishing a book more fulfilling, providing one-on-one support during each stage of the process—writing, editing, design, and marketing. We help turn ideas on leadership, innovation, and self-discovery into award-winning titles, providing a unique platform for our writers. Along the way, our group of fellow authors is also there to provide support, guidance, and community. 

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Creating the Intangible Enterprise

The AI revolution is here, poised to upend every industry in its wake. But how will this new technology actually change how we build companies? In the face of algorithms and machine learning,  intangibles that are uniquely human—skills like creativity, adaptability and emotional intelligence—will be the clear drivers for growth.

In Creating the Intangible Enterprise, KP Reddy explains how AI will fundamentally change the landscape and, most importantly, shows leaders how to leverage the uniquely human skills—critical thinking, leadership, communication—that will become even more valuable in a world where the transactional aspects of work are handled by technology.

"KP gives the reader a highly personalized, deeply engaging, and brilliant analysis of the role AI will play—and won't play— and how professionals need to best prepare themselves for the coming AI revolution." — Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech



Every Storm Runs out of Rain

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Amy Moudy Comeau, an award-winning vice president of marketing for Emory Healthcare, began writing weekly emails to her team every Friday. On top of adjusting to all of the abrupt societal changes that arrived in March 2020—social distancing, wearing masks everywhere, the cancellation of live events—Comeau’s team was also responsible for informing and educating Emory’s patients, and the community at large, on how to stay safe during the world’s largest pandemic in over a century.

In the throes of COVID, as her Friday e-mails became a weekly tradition, they served as a therapeutic tool for her team as it carried out a critical public role. Years later, these time-stamped entries, along with present-day commentary from the author that now includes the benefit of hindsight, provide a unique snapshot back into the uncertain, anxious, and also hopeful early days of the pandemic.

"Amy provides a clear view of what was going on inside the healthcare industry during the COVID 19 pandemic. You will be fascinated and understand many aspects of the pandemic that were invisible to the public. As a bonus, you will get tips on how to be a great leader during a crisis."  — Ken Bernhardt, Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Georgia State University

Every Storm Runs out of Rain will be released in the summer of 2024.


Recent Award Winners


Ripples Media is thrilled to announce that six of our authors were named as winners and finalists of the 2023 Goody Business Book Awards across six different categories.

In 2023, the Goody Business Book Awards recognized 80 winners and 74 finalists out of hundreds of nominations worldwide. The Goody Business Book Awards aim to recognize and uplift “100% social impact books” that improve readers’ lives across 50 categories, including Leadership, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Help.

The full list of 2023 winners can be found here. Ripples' award-winning authors were:


Adam Albrecht (What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?) - Winner, Self Help - Motivation

Jeff Hilimire (The Great Team Turnaround) - Winner, Leadership - Team-Building

Michael McCathren (6 Ps of Essential Innovation) - Winner, Business- Big Ideas

Jared Belsky (You Get the Agency You Deserve) - Finalist, Leadership-Think Differently

Jo Ann Herold (Living on a Smile) - Finalist, Self-Help - Memoir

William Warren (The Conquering Creative) - Finalist, Business- Career-Success


New Author Projects

KP Reddy, Founder and CEO, Shadow Ventures


The future is here, with AI ready to disrupt everything from finance to legal to entertainment. AI will change how virtually all companies do business by increasing operational efficiency, giving executives the tools to execute routine tasks, normally done by humans, with technology that’s far quicker and cheaper. 

KP Reddy, a civil engineer with extensive experience in AI and automation, writes, that the narrative that AI will displace entire industries isn’t quite accurate, though. Just as with most advances in technology, as some jobs are replaced, new ones will be created. While AI can handle routine tasks efficiently, intangible skills will become increasingly more valuable and sought after. In his new book Creating the Intangible Enterprise, Reddy proposes that uniquely human skills—creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, adaptability, leadership, communication—will become even more valuable in a world where the transactional aspects of work are handled by technology.

Creating the Intangible Enterprise will be released in early 2024.

Amy Moudy Comeau, VP of Marketing, Emory Healthcare

As a young girl Amy always wanted to write a book, with many a handwritten story or story idea in the works. And then a global pandemic happened. It unexpectedly became the impetus for Amy to start writing again, and with it, she found her book. 

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Amy began writing weekly emails to her team every Friday – to encourage and uplift her suddenly virtual team through harrowing times. These emails became a habit as her team looked forward to her weekly reflections. And for Amy, they became part writing therapy and part ship's log. 

Amy’s weekly writing ritual to her team has continued for over three years and remains today. Her anthology will be published as a memoir about leading a health care marketing team through a global pandemic, and how it changed the world forever. One of Amy's goals is for people to see the pandemic through the eyes of a different kind of front-line worker—health care marketers and communicators.  

Her book, Every Storm Runs out of Rain, will be published in June 2024.  

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Michael Palma, Founder and CEO, The Palma Group

palma headshot

The Palma Group is a leading recruiting and consulting firm specializing in the advertising industry. With 35 years of experience, the firm concentrates in executive search, talent acquisition, agency search, and business development consulting.

Before starting The Palma Group, he was an assistant basketball coach at Holy Cross. In college athletics, recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. As a prized college player himself who'd been recruited by the likes of Rick Pitino, Dick Vitale, Jim Boeheim and Jim Valvano, Michael had a gift for pitching, closing, and developing relationships. He eventually realized that these recruiting skills were transferrable to creative head hunting for ad agencies.

His upcoming book, Walk with a Humble Swagger, is a collection of lessons he's learned over his career on how to recruit and grow agencies, as well as useful practices and tactics for successful creatives in the ad industry. These lessons are drawn from his early days as a college coach, and include stories involving other titans of the game like John Thompson, Bobby Cremins, Bill Raftery and Dean Smith.

The book will be published in the early fall of 2024.

Ekaette Kern, CEO, TENET Consultancy

Ekaette Kern is a dedicated author and advocate for diversity and inclusion in children's literature. Growing up in a multicultural family, Ekaette developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of diverse backgrounds and identities.

Inspired by her own experiences and driven by a desire to empower her daughter Shiloh, who is biracial, Ekaette embarked on a heartfelt journey to create a children’s book series that celebrates diversity and encourages children to embrace their unique identities with confidence and pride.

With a background in communications and a commitment to promoting empathy and understanding, Ekaette's books are not only engaging but also serve as valuable tools for educators, parents, and children to explore themes of acceptance, empathy, and cultural appreciation.

Her book, Colors of Me, will be released in November 2024.



Charlie English, Regional Director of Sales, PharmScript LLC

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Charlie English was born on Mother’s Day in May (Taurus) of 1964 in Hawkinsville, Ga. His family lived in Cochran at the time of his birth, but Cochran didn’t have a hospital and Charlie’s sweet mama refused to let him be birthed at the local vet clinic. He was raised on his family farm where grew up loving agriculture, sports, and the Georgia BullDawgs.

Charlie proudly attended the University of Georgia where he pledged Lambda Chi Alpha and in addition to his regular college courses, he also excelled in fermentation sciences and female anatomy studies.

His upcoming book, Pregame Prayers and Tailgate Tastings: A Damned Good Dawg's Road to Eternal Glory chronicles Georgia's two national championship seasons through the passionate and humorous lens of a long suffering, God fearing, brown-liquor loving season-ticket holder.

The upcoming book will be released in August 2024, right in time for football (and tailgate) season.   

Maggie DeCan, Executive Director, The Children's Development Academy

Regardless of your occupation, everyone wants to find a job that provides personal fulfillment along with economic opportunity. Striking that balance, however, is sometimes easier said than done.

Maggie DeCan, however, has experience doing just that. Less than a decade ago, she left a high-powered role in the corporate world to lead a local non-profit. In her book Humbled on Purpose, DeCan writes how balancing purpose and prosperity is critical to both personal growth and the betterment of our communities. Leaders should not feel the need to chase every last dollar available—nor should they forfeit a meaningful salary solely in the name of passion. 

The book will be released in the fall of 2024.

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Joe Koufman, Founder and CEO, Setup

koufman @2x

Joe Koufman is a natural connector who has brought together three married couples and fostered countless fruitful business relationships. In 2014, he transformed his passion for connecting people into founding Setup, a marketing matchmaker focused on helping marketers think through their ideal ecosystem of internal resources and external partners.

Driven by his unwavering passion for human connections, Joe embarked on the authorship journey, crafting his first book with the aim of unleashing the transformative potential of personal connections. His goal is to equip individuals with the essential tools for fostering deeper bonds with one another and facilitating impactful introductions for those in their network.

The book will be released in the fall of 2024.




I couldn't have picked a better publishing partner for my first book. The Ripples team came alongside me, listened to my vision, and crafted a roadmap to make it a reality.


William Warren,

The Conquering Creative

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I published a book and it changed my life. I had 200 blog posts and no one was inviting me to speak on TV. Those opportunities were because of the book.


Adam Albrecht,

What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?


Ripples helped fulfill my lifelong dream to publish a book. It has opened so many doors and I’ve been able to share my story through speaking and consulting.


Jo Ann Herold,

Living on a Smile

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