What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? (Signed Copy)


By Adam Albrecht
80 Important Life Lessons the Universe Is Trying to Share with You

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Through stories and simple action steps, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? educates, entertains, and inspires. Adam Albrecht, Founder & CEO of The Weaponry, an advertising and ideas agency, offers a broad range of useful ways to become a better professional and human through bite-sized stories of his own learnings. By reading the 80 pieces of wisdom (plus a bonus!) in this delightful book, you’ll:

  • Gain perspective-altering ideas
  • Gather thought-provoking suggestions for life and work
  • Acquire reliable techniques for personal growth
  • Take steps toward self-improvement by asking questions like “why not me?”
  • Remember why and how to engage in positive thinking
  • Engage the power of useful habits like blocking your time and exercising regularly
  • Set your alarm a little earlier in the morning and go to bed a little earlier at night
  • Have the confidence and resources to see your goals through to their best outcomes

This signed paperback edition of What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? is an entertaining source of practical tips, tricks, and ideas for how to become a better human. Read it. It’ll make you happier, more capable, and more valuable to yourself and others.