The Turnaround Leadership Series (Signed Copies)


By Jeff Hilimire
The 5-Day Turnaround, The Crisis Turnaround, The Great Team Turnaround and The Culture Turnaround

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Get to know Will and his team as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of a crowded marketplace.

Blending a narrative style with helpful insights and actionable tools, as well as drawing from the author’s 25 years of leading companies, The Turnaround Leadership Series is a great resource for leaders looking to foster organizational growth, cohesive cultures, and sustainable results, in order to create real Purpose in their business. 

Jack Stack, the CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation and the best-selling author of the Great Game of Business, describes the series as a must-read for growth-minded and forward-thinking leaders. “Jeff makes the connection,” said Stack, “between the need for teams to shoot for a higher purpose and to embrace values with the need for an operational system.”

Buy all four books in The Turnaround Leadership Series, signed by best-selling author Jeff Hilimire, and become the leader you always wanted to be.