By Alex Gonzalez
How to Challenge the Status Quo and Unlock Innovation


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Every organizational leader tasked with spurring growth faces fluctuating markets and changing consumer behaviors. It’s no longer enough for them to avoid complacency. Today, forward-thinking creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives must strive to actually evolve and unlock innovation.

In Disruptor: How to Challenge the Status Quo and Unlock Innovation, Alex Gonzalez profiles some of the biggest industry leaders and asks, “How do you push boundaries and find unconventional solutions when the status quo of most organizations is to preserve normalcy and stability?”

Each chapter offers insightful lessons, mindset shifts, and practical solutions on how to be a disruptor in your organization. Readers will learn:

  • How to understand organizational and personal risk and its impact on innovation
  • Why it’s vital to embrace diverse perspectives — not just in terms of demographics, but also based on geographic locations and life experiences
  • How to embrace the 3 C’s (Conflict, Confusion, and Creativity) to challenge the status quo and drive organizational transformation
  • Why customer obsession requires understanding your customer’s needs better than they do, and then advocating for them
  • Why business acumen and change leadership are essential for disruption

Throughout the book, Gonzalez blends personal observations from corporate, entrepreneurial, and civic roles with first-hand accounts and insights from other corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators. He tells stories about disruptors in global corporations, fast-growing startups, movie studios, and high-end restaurants. And readers will join him on his journey as a cultural and corporate ‘contradiction,’ which empowered Gonzalez to embrace and pursue innovation with other leaders.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a better understanding of not only what it means to be a disruptor but also why today’s most successful and innovative organizations depend on them.


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