The Great Team Turnaround


By Jeff Hilimire
How to unlock growth using PVTV™ and the Great Game of Business™.

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Is your team guided by a shared purpose? Do they have the information they need to do their best work? Is your company monitoring progress and rewarding people as they succeed?

By the time you finish reading The Great Team Turnaround, you’ll know:

  • How to establish your PVTV™ (Purpose, Vision, Tenets & Values) as a shared objective and operating principle for your whole team or business
  • How the Great Game of Business™ (GGOB) puts an operational system in place to help teams enact PVTV in measurable, profitable ways across the business
  • How to unleash PVTV within using the GGOB principles, minigames, and success metrics

In The Great Team TurnaroundJeff Hilimire shares the PVTV insights and tools he introduces in the first two books of the Leadership Turnaround Series. He connects them to the central concepts and resources in the best-selling business classic, The Great Game of Business. In doing so, Hilimire offers an action plan for establishing and activating a higher purpose, vision for the future, operating tenets, and core values as measurable business efforts.

Told through the eyes of Will, an accomplished leader in his own right, The Great Team Turnaround invites readers to take part in the process of building and activating a PVTV using the GGOB system.

Whether you’re the CEO of a global enterprise, a team leader at a mid-sized company, or the Executive Director of a local non-profit, the combination of culture and operations you’ll find in this book will help you unleash the potential of your team.


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