Living on a Smile (Signed Copy)


By Jo Ann Herold
16 Ways to Live a Big Life and Lead with Love

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In the best-selling Living On A Smile16 Ways to Live a Big Life and Lead with Love, award-winning marketing and brand transformation expert Jo Ann Herold shares experience and wisdom gleaned from more than two decades as a purpose-centered executive. Part memoir and part leadership guide, the book takes readers through Jo Ann’s progress from McDonald’s worker to the CMO of iconic global brands like The Honey Baked Ham Company, LLC.

Each chapter offers actionable takeaways and inspiration for living and working with purpose and passion, including:

  • Generating an outsized positive impact on others, your company, and your community
  • Balancing the long view and the high road
  • Striking a balance between work, volunteerism, friendship, and family
  • Cultivating lifelong friendships
  • Building tenacity and staying power

Jo Ann writes from the vantage point of someone who was the sole woman in the room for many years. In this this signed paperback edition of Living On A Smile, she  shares her path to show admiration for those who stood before her and to keep making professional progress better for those coming behind her. It’s an inspiring and useful guidebook told through stories spanning decades, in the voice of a kind-hearted mentor for anyone who reads it.