You Get The Agency You Deserve


By Jared Belsky
20 Practical and Emotional Lessons to Maximize Your Agency and Partner Relationship


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There are millions of people tasked to manage the relationships between their companies and the advertising, marketing, media, and consulting agencies they have hired. Across the industry, though, there is little conversation about how to foster great relationships between clients and agencies, which in turn generates maximum value.

Why is this? First, leaders on the client side are rarely forced to be great clients because of a complicated power dynamic, and a lack of clarity around why it would even be worth the time invested. Secondly, there is little to no coaching or teaching around how to be a great client.

What if the people  hiring agencies, consultancies, and even freelancers were more curious as to how to be the best possible client and reap the rewards of that excellence? What if there were some practical ways to help them?

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