6 Ps of Essential Innovation (Signed Copy)


By Michael McCathren
Create the Culture and Capabilities of a Resilient Organization

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A masterclass in innovation, the best-selling 6 Ps of Essential Innovation is research-backed with actionable information and insight from one of today’s most accomplished leaders in the space. Michael McCathren leads the innovation center for Chick-fil-A, a $17 billion privately-held company known globally for its forward-thinking products and services.

The signed paperback edition uncovers the innovation shortcomings endemic in many corporate cultures and lays out every step in the path to becoming a resilient, innovative organization.

McCathren begins in Section One of the book by profiling each of the six essential “Ps” through research, case studies, and applications: Perception, People, Philosophy, Process, Place, and Permanence. In Section Two, he goes deeper into two ‘super-skills’ of truly impactful innovation leaders: how to become an authority on question asking and how to spot future growth opportunities.

In reading 6 Ps of Essential Innovation, you will gain:

· The ability to nurture and maintain a healthy culture of innovation
· Ideas for inspiring and encouraging innovation across the organization
· Practical exercises to manage each piece of the innovation process
· Confidence to lead a resilient, innovation organization

By the end of the book, you’ll not only have a deeper understanding of what an innovation organization entails, but you’ll also have the skills to lead one.