The Crisis Turnaround


By Jeff Hilimire
Lead through crisis and position your company for strength.

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It’s hard to lead a successful business, and it’s even harder during an emergency. Would you be ready to lead your company through a crisis — one that disrupts your normal operating procedure, distresses your team members, and slows projects and client spending dramatically?

By the time you finish reading The Crisis Turnaround, you’ll be equipped with:

  • 43 key points to follow to get your business through any challenge.
  • Business hacks to ensure you’re making the most of your time outside of the office.
  • Easy to follow rules for remote work that will keep your team both on purpose and productive.

In The Crisis TurnaroundJeff Hilimire shares 20+ years of success launching and building fast-growing businesses to teach other leaders how to strategically embrace any challenge, so they can not only survive a crisis but thrive while doing it.

Told through the eyes of Will, an accomplished entrepreneur who’s running a fast-growing marketing agency, Hilimire’s book takes readers on a journey that begins with an overwhelming global crisis and ends with a team positioned to capture business growth.

Whether you’re the CEO of a global enterprise, a team leader at a mid-sized company, or the Executive Director of a local non-profit, the impactful lessons in this book will help you thrive even during times of crisis and be stronger for it.


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